About Missio Guide

Missio Guide is designed to do two things: encourage you to live into intentional mission while helping you focus on making disciples of Jesus. We believe disciple making is as much about practices of Kingdom life as it is about knowledge acquisition. This site has two purposes.

Collection of Expierences

The guide is a collection of field tested experiences organized around our life in God, our life together and our life in our missional context. We start with core practices in each area. As you click on one of the practices you will find various expressions and real life stories of living out that practice. These have been gathered from our global network of church planting practitioners. The purpose here is to share our experiences of what works, our creative attempts to reach people for Christ by living out the Jesus way.

Helping you Live Missionally

The second part of this site is a tool to help you record your intention to live missionally. As you and your community prayerfully commit to embrace certain practices and expressions over the next ministry season Missio Guide will record them for you for reference, resolve and coaching.

Provided and Maintained By

We want to manifest God’s kingdom love and grace, raise up more and more missional followers/disciples of Jesus, and multiply more missional, Christ-following leaders, communities, and movements.

We want to engage all of culture with the life-transforming good news of Jesus. In other words: WE WANT TO REJESUS OUR WORLD.

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We exist to provide software that will empower leaders with intuitive tools that help foster participation and help all the members in your community connect and get involved.

Putting your church information into the cloud helps place all these tools in your hands wherever they are. Sending messages, managing events and rosters, and following up with visitors. Take a few moments to investigate the different feature sections of Fresh Vine.

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