A few times a year there is nothing like setting aside a day to hear from God. Here is how it works for me. Please submit stories of what work for you!

*I begin praying about my Day of Listening a few days before and I ask others to be praying as well. This just begins to dial in my sense of expectancy and focus.
*Since my day is rather physical, I usually don't fast. This means I prepare by buying before hand some snacks, fruits and drinks.
*I bring my journal, a pen and a Bible.
*Carefully choose a place that works for you, free of distraction, internet and lots of people.

Some might like to sit in one place all day. I need to move and be out in nature. For me, movement breaks up my patterned thinking and creates more opportunity to hear from God. But the day basically alternates between praying a Psalm or two, walking silently asking God to put his thoughts in my mind, talking to him about those things, and bringing to him things on my mind - then listening for impressions.

Having a journal is key. After walking for a while just listening, I sit down and write what I hear. A full day of this will give you lots to work with. Writing it down gives you prayerful focus and also helps you look back and remember and confirm God's voice.

These are often my most significant days of the year. Anything is game: my relationships, my work, my inner life, my dreams. Go for it.

stories of a day of listening