This book is the best thing out there for encouraging us to tune our ears to the voice of God in our everyday lives. Willard asserts that everyday conversation with God should be as normal for the Christ follower as talking with a friend.

The book has nine chapters as follows:
1. A Paradox about Hearing God
2. Guidelines for Hearing from God
3. Never Alone
4. Our Communicating Cosmos
5. The Still, Small Voice and its Rivals
6. The Word of God and the Rule of God
7. Redemption Through the Word of God
8. Recognizing the Voice of God
9. A Life More Than Guidance

An appendix follows that offers questions for personal pondering or group discussion.

Willard does a great job of treating this topic with reverence and respect while elevating our expectation to converse with God on a regular basis.

stories of hearing god, by dallas willard